Coon Prairie Trail


Please Consider Making a donation ...


Maintaining a paved multi-use trail, like Coon Prairie Trail, can be very expensive in the long term.  Absent a dedicated municipal funding source to maintain the Coon Prairie Trail, we rely on donors contributing to the Path Maintenance Fund for all present and future trail maintenance needs.  We are always building our fund so that when the time comes to re-pave the trail, the funds will be here.  That is our goal.  If you would like to make a donation, please contact the Chairman of the Path Governing Board, Mr. Pete Taylor at [email protected], or call Pete directly at the Bluedog Cycle shop in Viroqua at (608) 637-6993.  You could also contact any of the following Governing Board members as well:


Bill Mapp - [email protected]

Dan Helgerson - [email protected]

Dennis Brault - [email protected]

Jeff Clifton - [email protected]

Paul Grenier - [email protected]

Tom Wilson - [email protected]

Wes Mack - [email protected]