Coon Prairie Trail


Coon Prairie Trail Governing Board

The Coon Prairie Trail is managed and maintained by a group that was defined in the original Memorandum of Agreement drafted and signed by all Multi-Use Path partners in 2007.  The Path Governing Board is made up of one representative from Vernon County, one from the City of Viroqua, one from the City of Westby, one from Vernon Trails, and currently three at-large members.  


The Path Governing Board is responsible for planning and overseeing path and Wayside Park maintenance, and for determining path re-sealing schedules and path re-paving schedules.  The Path Governing Board is also responsible for making sure each partner is fulfilling their obligation as a path partner in terms of maintenance responsibilities and cost responsibilities as outlined in the Memorandum of Agreement. 


Perhaps the largest responsibility of the Board is to manage the Path Maintenance Fund that is held in trust by the Vernon County Treasurer, in an interest bearing account.  Each year path partners deposit their pledged amount to the fund.  All path and Wayside Park maintenance expenditures are run through this account, and it is the responsibility of the Board to administer this account to make sure maintenance funds are available to keep the trail in a safe condition for the public.